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For pest infestation problems in the entire Yorkshire region, is the number one name for professional extermination services against rodent and insect pests. Be it a commercial, domestic or agricultural setup, we endeavour to provide immediate and long lasting pest management services to rid your property of all sorts of pests.

Pest control Yorkshire is LANTRA-certified meaning all our operations and methods are approved and professional in every aspect. Pest control York prizes the reputation of all its clients and so all our operations are conducted using unmarked vehicles to ensure total discretion of the client. Our services span the whole Yorkshire region hence we have often been referred to by the title Pest Control Scarborough. We abide by government regulations concerning poisons and traps with an aim of ensuring that the health and safety of people, domestic animals and the environment are not put to jeopardy.
Rat infestation is often the most common type of pest infestation reported at our Pest control Yorkshire office. This is because rats have superior survival capabilities; they can burrow, climb, and jump, and combined with rapid breeding, a rat colony is just a disaster waiting to happen. Rats pose a great threat as they are known to spread diseases of which some are fatal. They chew on electrical and telephone cables, piping, wood items and can even cause extensive structural damage. Pest Control Scarborough employs a diverse means of getting rid of rodents, both modern and traditional, to ensure these animals are put under control in a humane manner. Pest Control Scarborough therefore neutralises rats using live traps and poison baits. The client is always duly informed of the location of the bait stations and the traps to ensure the safety of children and domestic animals.

Mice are less notorious than rats but they are capable of some extensive damage hence the use of the eradication techniques similarly applied to rats.

Pest Control York also takes care of moles. Moles are known to destroy well attended lawns and also contaminate silage. These reasons make it necessary to have them under control. For small acreages Pest Control Yorkshire may lay traps but for large land parcels gassing up the moles tunnels is an effective technique.

Insect infestation also poses a substantial potential health hazard in the form of diseases and stings for bees and wasps. Pest Control Yorkshire has a wide range of insecticides and fumigants essential for taking out colonies of bedbugs, cockroaches, fleas, flies, wasps, woodlice, ants and even moths. All these chemicals are poisonous but Pest Control York has taken all the necessary steps to ensure the safety of people, wildlife and the environment.

Pest Control Scarborough offers free site evaluation for new customers and makes a series of return visits just to make sure the pests are under control.

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Pest Infestation Solutions At Pest Control Yorkshire

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This article was published on 2010/12/04